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I have been actively engaged in teaching both as an Instructor as well as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Virginia and also presently at the University of Utah. I received an All University Graduate Teaching Award for the year 2019-2020. I have taught both lecture oriented as well as flipped classroom settings (both in person and online) for Calculus courses. I also served as a Mathematics Graduate Teaching Mentor for the year 2020-2021. Currently I am serving as an AWM Mentor at the University of Utah.

Courses taught

Fall 2022: MATH 1321 - 001 Accelerated Engineering Calculus II

Fall 2021: MATH 1140-001 Financial Math

Fall 2020: MATH 1320-200 Calculus II (Online Flipped Model)

Fall 2019: MATH 1310-100 Calculus I (Flipped Model)

Spring 2019: MATH 1220-009 A Survey of Calculus II

Spring 2018: MATH 1210-008 A Survey of Calculus I

Fall 2017: MATH 1210-007 A Survey of Calculus I

Teaching Assistant Role

Spring 2017: MATH 1310-100 Calculus I

Spring 2017: MATH 3250-300 Ordinary Differential Equations

Fall 2016: MATH 1310-700 Calculus I

Fall 2016: MATH 1310-500 Calculus I